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Washington State University CAHNRS Information Technology

CAHNRS IT – Service Center


The new CAHNRS Operations service center represents a shift in how CAHNRS Operations historically approached service center support within CAHNRS, by packaging a more robust support and administrative function to service offerings. By elevating our approach to our service offerings, CAHNRS Operations becomes the single point of contact for all IT queries and concerns while acting on behalf of the CAHNRS community as a liaison to WSU central IT services.

For all service center offering, our support will include but not be limited to base-level support for backups, patching, security configuration, network configuration, and firewall management. In addition to these service offerings, the CAHNRS Operations IT team will continue its normative support functions that individuals at CAHNRS need and rely on day-to-day.

To maintain cost efficiencies and leverage economies of scale, flat-rate fees for resource allocation will be charged to users through the service center. Our fee structure represents a simple calculation of the total cost of equipment replacement over a three to five-year schedule for services utilizing on-premises infrastructure. For all cloud-based services, the price will equal the amount billed by the provider for usage.

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