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Washington State University CAHNRS Information Technology

CAHNRS Telework IT

If you first went home during COVID when we didn’t have this policy, you must initiate this process as soon as possible.

Information on Teleworking can be found here:  BPPM 60.34

The current telework Process is referenced here:

You will submit the request in Workday following the instructions in the link above. You will sign it, and it will get routed to your supervisor.

Your supervisor will sign the form, which will be routed to me for signature. Before I sign, we will create a ticket on your behalf. One of our team will reach out to you for the equipment review. Once that is completed, I will sign the form.

It will then be routed to your Appointing Authority.

Beginning January 2024, there will be a yearly fee of $18.71 for those employees using a Mac computer for telework. This is to meet the device requirements for Security and Confidentiality.