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Washington State University CAHNRS Information Technology

AWS Delegated Accounts


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud-based technology provider that offers a self-service pay-as-you-go model for computing resources.  The AWS model gives you the flexibility to manage your environment, and use and pay for exactly the services you need.  WSU and AWS are finalizing our Enterprise Agreement, including agreements that will make AWS an ideal way to distribute data over Internet 2.  Some examples of AWS tools and uses include

  • Prebuilt Machine Learning tools such as SageMaker
  • Big Data toolkits such as Elastic MapReduce
  • Security controls for managing regulated data with HIPPA, NIST, or other contract requirements
  • Cloud Virtual Desktops for distance students, teleworkers, or frequent travelers
  • Hosting datasets to be shared with Internet 2 partner institutions at up to 100Gbps

You can find a full list of AWS services on the AWS products listing.


AWS uses a pay-as-you-go model, meaning that each service has a price list based on utilization.  For example, most EC2 (virtual machines) are paid for by the hour, though you can reserve capacity annually for a discount.  Remember that when looking at service prices, most prices are going to have a unit of cost/(time*unit), e.g., $0.3/(Gb Month).  AWS also provides a Simple Monthly Calculator to help you budget your anticipated expenses.

Many AWS services also have a free tier of service with size and time restrictions.  For example, you can run a small EC2 instance (virtual machine) for up to a year for free.  A full list of free tier offerings is listed on their Free Tier Details page.  AWS free tier services are a great, no-cost way to familiarize yourself with AWS.

Each AWS account can also be configured with spending alerts, to help prevent spending more than you budgeted.

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