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Washington State University CAHNRS Information Technology

CAHNRS IT is Adopting a New Ticketing System

CAHNRS IT is currently in the process of migrating from the legacy ticketing system to Jira. This migration will enable CAHNRS IT to facilitate more rapid responses if external support is necessary (I.e., Phone and Network Service Requests, Password Resets, Zoom Support, etc…) by allowing us to work directly with other teams around the University.

CAHNRS IT will migrate open requests to the new Jira system over the next few days as we continue working through our current support requests.

You can submit a request to our new Jira IT Support portal via the familiar link below.


In addition to this, the “CAHNRS IT Support Portal” desktop icon you may have on your desktop will take you to our new IT support portal. You can use the desktop icon to access the portal quickly and submit IT support requests.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Thank you,


CAHNRS Cloud to Team Migration

Update October 21, 2020:

With our migration to teams winding down if you have questions about using teams please feel free to put in a ticket on our support system at, or email

Thank you for sticking with us through this migration.


July 29, 2020:

The CAHNRS IT team is plowing through the terabytes of data to get your file shares moved to the MS Teams platform. As we finish a migration, you will be receiving an email that says you have been added to a Team. For those of you new to Teams, there are a few Microsoft trainings and FAQ below. We are putting together a series of short training videos and adding them as they are developed.

Three Minute Quick Start:

Teams Help Center:

Teams FAQ:

If you still have some more questions and would like to schedule a meeting with one of our team, please submit a new ticket at

Thanks for your continued patience,


CAHNRS Cloud Storage Outage

CAHNRS IT has been actively engaged to solve cloud file access with software and systems engineers across the WSU IT system and our vendor’s engineers over the last few weeks, and at this point, it is unknown when standard services will be restored.

As a temporary measure, CIT is going to begin migrating file shares to different storage platforms. Unfortunately, this will take time. All users of each file share will receive an email once we migrate each folder with instructions on how to connect to their files.

We know that there may be specific files that you may need while we are migrating your data. If you are unable to access your files via the standard methods, we ask that you put in a support ticket at We can create a copy of the data and provide it to the requestor.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

W. Nick Pappin
Interim Assistant Director

Kimi Lucas
Director of Operations

CAHNRS Cloud Access

CAHNRS IT is continuing to work with our storage vendor to address the speed and connectivity issues experienced by users. You may still encounter problems connecting to your file shares while we are working towards a resolution. Thank you for your patience.

“Fix Me” Errors in Office or Windows Current Credential

If you are receiving Account “Fix Me” Errors in Office or Current Credential errors in Windows please read this:


This is probably being caused because you recently changed your Okta account, here are the steps to resolve this problem.


  1. Connect to the Palo Alto SSLVPN
  2. Click on the Windows button in the lower left corner, click on the Account Button on the top of the far-left hand side – Sometimes a greyed-out portrait picture
  3. Click on Lock – This will lock your machine and take you back to the login screen
  4. Login with your Current NetID password – this should now work since you are connected to the VPN
  5. You should see your errors go away.
  6. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please submit a ticket listing Microsoft Account issue as the problem

Legacy SSLVPN Retirement

On March 19, WSU will retire the legacy SSLVPN service (Cisco AnyConnect VPN). You can use the instructions provided below to install the new GlobalProtect VPN. If you’re not sure whether you’re already running it, run the installer to ensure you’re using the latest version.

Updated documentation on how to install the latest version of GlobalProtect VPN can be found below:

GlobalProtect for Windows
GlobalProtect for Mac & Linux

Distance Learning and Operations Video Conferencing Recommendations

With WSU moving to course instruction online, CAHNRS IT is here to help you get the best student and professional experience possible. Here are a few of our most asked questions:

As we continue to get questions, we will update this page.

Thanks and Wash your hands,


Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 support is coming to an end

Effective 1/14/2020 Windows 7 will no longer receive critical security updates from Microsoft, and WSU will officially end support of the aging operating system.  Users who are still running Windows 7 and who would like to proactively upgrade to Windows 10 can submit a support request to for assistance.  Network-attached machines may receive a mandatory update to Windows 10 in January 2020, so if your machine must remain on Windows 7 we recommended removing it from the WSU network.  At this time it is unknown what sort of limitations or behaviors may be experienced by Windows 7 computers on the WSU network; however, we recommend either updating to Windows 10 or removal from the WSU network to prevent unforeseen breakage.

Microsoft Windows 7 end of life page

Adobe Connect end of life

Adobe Connect, AKA “Breeze” retiring 12/31/2019

The Adobe Connect server, a flash-based video streaming tool, will be retired on 12/31/2019.  The service has been officially end-of-life for the last year as the industry strips flash support from modern browsers.  Effective 1/1/2020, the Breeze server will be offline, and any integrations or dependencies that rely on it will also be offline.  Anyone still using the platform should make final preparations for the service to be taken offline.