WSU Information Technology Services (ITS) is in the process of completing the conversion of Departmental Mailboxes into Shared Mailboxes, a required step for WSU after the Office 365 migration.  Shared Mailboxes, like Departmental Mailboxes, are mail accounts not tied to an individual.  However, permissions for Shared Mailboxes are administered centrally, and those with access will automatically see their Shared Mailbox appear in their Outlook and Office 365 (

The conversion of Department Mailboxes has been postponed from Thursday, August 16 to Tuesday, September 4th.  The current owner of the Departmental Mail account will automatically be granted access to the converted Shared Mailbox.  If additional individuals will need access to the Shared Mailbox, please submit a ticket to CAHNRS IT or send an email to with a list of additional Network ID’s that you wish to have access.

The newly converted Shared Mailbox will be added to your existing email account as a separate (mailbox) entry in Outlook.  When a client needs to send a message as the Shared Mailbox, they will select the From field in Outlook and select the Shared Mailbox as the sender.  The Shared Mailbox can be accessed using the Office365 web interface by adding a shared folder.

Please contact CAHNRS IT with any questions and assistance.