With the February 1st deadline for the CAHNRS cut over to Cougar Manager fast approaching, here is the latest news and information regarding the migration to Cougar Manager.

Training Sessions and Q&A – Updated

  • 2/14/18 9-10am on Skype – Join Skype Meeting – Join by phone 509-335-2277, access code 8482461
  • 2/15/18 11-12am on Skype – Join Skype Meeting – Join by phone 509-335-2277, access code 69645240

Cougar Manager FAQ


This FAQ includes a number of links to task focused youtube vidoes showing how to perform core tasks in Cougar Manager, along with written instructions.  As we receive questions in the Q&A sessions we will update the FAQ.

Additionally, you can find all of our CAHNRS IT videos on our channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB7WHuxdDHkrZzqaNTwfcjA.

Project Status

Operations and the Business Center has determined a standard set of naming conventions, and are in the process of bulk creating the organization structure of CAHNRS, in Cougar Manager.  We have identified all of the positions and employees to be entered, and have begun adding them.  As we finish a unit’s structure, we will send a notification to the department admin and unit head asking for them to review and approve the structure.  This is a significant data entry project, but we expect to be complete by close of day 1/26/18.

Continue to use Timekeeper until February 1st

For now please continue to use Timekeeper to record hours worked, and only begin using Cougar Manager to record time worked starting February 1st.