Changes are being made to the process of scheduling and reserving lab spaces in Hulbert and Vogel.  The scheduling changes are being made to improve the ability to self-serve room reservations while ensuring that academic classes retain priority access.  Once this change is in effect, CAHNRS IT will no longer schedule meetings in affected spaces and instead will provide instructions on how to reserve the rooms.  The affected laboratory spaces include

  • CAHNRS Lab Hulbert 5,
  • CAHNRS Lab Hulbert 21,
  • CAHNRS Lab Vogel 31,
  • CAHNRS Lab Vogel 35,
  • CAHNRS Lab Vogel 39,
  • CAHNRS Lab Vogel 43.

Beginning Monday, August 20th, 2018, resource calendars will be available for the above laboratories.  Faculty and staff in CAHNRS will be able to schedule a meeting or event in the laboratory spaces by creating an Exchange/Office365 meeting and inviting the appropriate resource calendar to the meeting.  Requests will be automatically accepted if they do not conflict with an existing event, making these spaces first come first serve, except for academic classes.

The scheduling of classes will take priority over any other event scheduled in these spaces.  At the start of the semester, CAHNRS Operations will review the official course listings, and create the reoccurring meetings for each class in the appropriate laboratory space.  When a conflict arises, we will send a notice to the event organizer canceling their reservation for the laboratory space.

Academic Coordinators can elect to directly create meeting events for their classes on these calendars by creating a reoccurring meeting, but this is not necessary.  If you choose to create entries for your department’s courses directly, please adhere to the naming convention of “Department – Course Number – Section” when scheduling the meeting.  For all other events planned in the laboratory spaces, please use descriptive names.

CAHNRS Operations will continue to post a print-out of the reoccurring course schedule outside of each of these spaces.  However, for the time being, you will need to look at the room’s resource calendar to see the current non-course meetings.  CAHNRS IT is evaluating digital signage solutions that will allow a real-time schedule to be visible outside of each space at all times.

Finally, please note that generally these spaces are locked or have limited accessibility outside of regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.  If you are scheduling an event outside of this time window, please plan accordingly.

For a list of the addresses of each laboratory space, please refer to the following table.

CAHNRS Lab Hulbert 21
CAHNRS Lab Hulbert 5
CAHNRS Lab Vogel 31
CAHNRS Lab Vogel 35
CAHNRS Lab Vogel 39
CAHNRS Lab Vogel 43