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Washington State University CAHNRS Information Technology

Custom Development

What is this good for:

Custom development is used to meet business and research needs that are not met by off the shelf applications or centrally provided services.  Data aggregation, database design, web services, and more.

What is this not good for:

Duplicating applications or functionality that can be easily and readily be provided with other tools or platforms such as Exchange calendaring, WordPress (or Content Management in general), or statistical/mathematical packages.  However, designing systems that integrate tools together is an appropriate use of custom development.

How is CIT supporting this:

CAHNRS maintains a queue of software development projects that are processed on a first in first out fashion spread across three full time developers.

How do I get this:

Please put in a ticket into our support portal or send an email to to request a project consultation and scoping.  Once a project has been scoped we will identify development timeline, cost, and scope of work.  Once accepted the project will go into our project queue.  For most projects we recommend contacting us a minimum of 3-6 months before you need a working application.