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Washington State University CAHNRS Information Technology

Bulletins from IT

  • Summer Video Conferencing Refresh

    If you’ve ever wondered what a quarter of a million dollars worth of boxes looks like, then wonder no more.

    Room with boxes

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  • Ending support for nested permissions

    When does support end?

    Beginning FY17 (7/1/2016) CAHNRS IT will end support for nested permissions on the file shares that we manage for our colleagues around the college.  For many users there will be little to no impact on how you use your file shares, while for others there will be a significant change in how your data is structured and how you access your data.

    What are nested permissions?

    Nested permissions are when sub-directories within a shared folder have different permissions from the root of the file share.  For example consider a file share named Admin, and within that file share there were two folders, … » More …

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