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Washington State University CAHNRS Information Technology

Bulletins from IT

  • New ticket email format and Statistical Process Control

    New ticket email format

    Beginning 4/21/2019 CAHNRS IT is introducing a new form for our ticketing system emails which we hope will improve readability.  Please send feedback or issues on the new email format to

    Statistical Process Control

    CAHNRS IT has long used statistical methods behind the scenes to monitor our systems and processes.  With the rollout of our new ticket email format, we are, for the first time, extending our statistical methods to publicly visible processes by adding a Yes/No question to the end of closed tickets.  The responses to this question will be captured and feed a real-time p-chart that will help … » More …

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  • CAHNRS Accessibility Goals

    CAHNRS Colleagues,

    Recently, those of us who produce web-based academic materials, update websites or publish research online have been presented with the challenge and opportunity to improve the accessibility of our content.  These efforts have been spurred on by WSU’s commitment to the Department of Education to improve our online accessibility, as well as changes in technology standards that now allow us to pursue the ideal of universally accessible information on the web.

    Though WSU is still in the early stages of inventorying web content and finalizing a web accessibility strategy, CAHNRS has begun identifying ways in which we can enhance our unique mission of Research, … » More …

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  • Adobe Connect End of Life

    Support for Adobe Flash and is ending, and subsequently, the Adobe Connect instance hosted by CAHNRS IT.  Starting in 2019 most browsers will not work by default with our Adobe Connect system, and in 2020 no browser will be able to connect.  CAHNRS IT will no longer be able to support the Adobe Connect platform moving forward, with an end of life date of 12/31/19, and we recommend any remaining users look for alternative platforms.

    If you have any questions regarding alternative tools, please submit a request to  If you have questions about the end-of-life of Adobe Flash, please see the below information.

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  • Changes to Hulbert and Vogel Lab Scheduling

    Changes are being made to the process of scheduling and reserving lab spaces in Hulbert and Vogel.  The scheduling changes are being made to improve the ability to self-serve room reservations while ensuring that academic classes retain priority access.  Once this change is in effect, CAHNRS IT will no longer schedule meetings in affected spaces and instead will provide instructions on how to reserve the rooms.  The affected laboratory spaces include

    CAHNRS Lab Hulbert 5,
    CAHNRS Lab Hulbert 21,
    CAHNRS Lab Vogel 31,
    CAHNRS Lab Vogel 35,
    CAHNRS Lab Vogel 39,
    CAHNRS Lab Vogel 43.

    Beginning Monday, August 20th, 2018, resource … » More …

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  • Changes to departmental mailboxes – 9/4/2018

    WSU Information Technology Services (ITS) is in the process of completing the conversion of Departmental Mailboxes into Shared Mailboxes, a required step for WSU after the Office 365 migration.  Shared Mailboxes, like Departmental Mailboxes, are mail accounts not tied to an individual.  However, permissions for Shared Mailboxes are administered centrally, and those with access will automatically see their Shared Mailbox appear in their Outlook and Office 365 (

    The conversion of Department Mailboxes has been postponed from Thursday, August 16 to Tuesday, September 4th.  The current owner of the Departmental Mail account will automatically be granted access to the converted Shared Mailbox.  If additional individuals … » More …

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  • Cougar Manager updates

    With the February 1st deadline for the CAHNRS cut over to Cougar Manager fast approaching, here is the latest news and information regarding the migration to Cougar Manager.

    Training Sessions and Q&A – Updated

    2/14/18 9-10am on Skype – Join Skype Meeting – Join by phone 509-335-2277, access code 8482461
    2/15/18 11-12am on Skype – Join Skype Meeting – Join by phone 509-335-2277, access code 69645240

    Cougar Manager FAQ

    This FAQ includes a number of links to task focused youtube vidoes showing how to perform core tasks in Cougar Manager, along with written instructions.  As we receive … » More …

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  • New email list manager

    Introduction to Dada Mail – Video Primer

    On 1/13/18 CAHNRS IT retired the Lyris email list manager, and stood up a replacement list manager called Dada Mail.  The primary reason to retire Lyris was due to increasing costs.  While Lyris had been increasing in cost year over year for some time, the most recent renewal, a 300% increase, was untenable.  Despite the short time frame, we decided the best course of action was to retire Lyris and begin testing alternatives.  After installing and testing PHPlist, Dada Mail, and Group Server, it was determined that Dada Mail provided the functionality most used by CAHNRS mailing … » More …

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  • Summer Video Conferencing Refresh

    If you’ve ever wondered what a quarter of a million dollars worth of boxes looks like, then wonder no more.

    Room with boxes

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  • Ending support for nested permissions

    When does support end?

    Beginning FY17 (7/1/2016) CAHNRS IT will end support for nested permissions on the file shares that we manage for our colleagues around the college.  For many users there will be little to no impact on how you use your file shares, while for others there will be a significant change in how your data is structured and how you access your data.

    What are nested permissions?

    Nested permissions are when sub-directories within a shared folder have different permissions from the root of the file share.  For example consider a file share named Admin, and within that file share there were two folders, … » More …

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