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Washington State University CAHNRS Information Technology

Shared Website Hosting

What is this good for:

This service is utilized by our custom-built applications, and partner applications that meet our coding standards.  Our environment supports applications compatible with the latest versions of IIS, and which do not require the application pool have elevated permissions on the system, including any sort of write privileges or read privileges outside of the application directory.

What is this not good for:

This service is not used for hosting a static web page or other content that would be better suited towards a centralized offering.  Additionally any application that requires elevated permissions or unsupported IIS configurations will require its own VM.

How is CIT supporting this:

CIT backs up this service once a week with an offsite replica. Additionally, we monitor the health of this service using our external monitoring platform.

How do I get this:

Please put in a ticket into our support portal or send an email to