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Washington State University CAHNRS Information Technology


The CAHNRS Cloud storage platform allows CAHNRS IT to provide low cost, scalable, and reliable storage to the college. Whether you need to backup your computer, work off of a shared file, or sync data between your devices, we can help. As part of this platform all Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students in CAHNRS have a free 20GB home directory, and can optionally pay for additional space or separate file shares or FTP targets.


We have one flat rate for all network storage, excluding the first 20GB of qualified users home directories, which is free.

  • $0.074/GB/Year
  • $75.78/TB/Year

Ways to use the service

The most common ways to use our service are the following:

  • Shared folders to house data for projects and labs.
  • Backup targets for research data.
  • Departmental shared folders for administrative functions.

Beyond these uses we support file shares that can be accessed using the following protocols:

  • FTP
  • CIFS
  • NFS
  • SMB v2 or v3
  • WebDav
  • RSync


Natively we support authentication using WSU Network ID’s.  In addition to this, for users who need file shares to be accessible by collaborators at other institutions, we can create Cloud accounts for non-WSU employees.  This allows you to use any of the above services with a group of non-WSU collaborators.  One restriction on the service is our policy regarding nested permissions on file shares (

Grant compliance

The CAHNRS Cloud storage offering is a mirrored storage array in Pullman and Seattle that supports contiguous file shares up to 100TB in size.  The data is mirrored nightly from one site to another, and weekly differential snapshots are taken and stored for twelve weeks to protect against data loss or corruption.  In the event that the active node goes down, the passive node will be configured and brought online as a lukewarm backup, with about a four hour turnaround on making the file shares available.

We have built the service to meet the data protection requirements of granting agencies, including the follow features:

  • Locally redundant storage with geographically distant backups and snapshots
  • Access Control Lists for security
  • Ability to limit access to file shares by protocol and IP address

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