Cloud Station


Home directory:  Effective immediately all faculty, staff, and graduate students with active appointments with CAHNRS will have access to a free 20GB home directory.  This space is hosted internally by CAHNRS IT, and is replicated to our offsite storage array in Spokane.  We have ensured that this storage meets all state and granting agency requirements for data protection, allowing you to use this service with confidence.  Your space comes complete with a 30 day recycle bin so you can easily recover an accidently deleted file.  You can access this storage with the following instructions:

Cloud Drive:  Building on the home directory, CAHNRS faculty, staff, and graduate students can now use Cloud Station Drive.  Cloud Station Drive is a Dropbox like software client that can sync your data across multiple computers and create sharing URL’s for files and directories.  This service will sync the contents of a local directory to a folder named CloudStation within your home account.  If you have the software installed on multiple computers your work will be kept in sync across all of them.  Because the software stores local copies of your files you can work on them even without an internet connection, and as soon as you connect to the internet your changes will propagate to your other computers.  You can get started with this software by following these instructions:

Cloud Backup: In addition to Cloud Drive, we are enabling the use of the Cloud Station Backup software.  Like Cloud Drive you install a software client on your computers, but in this case you choose multiple local directories in order to back them up.  A folder within your home directory will be created for each machine you backup, and all new files or file updates will be backed up to the cloud.  You can get started with this software by following these instructions:

Need more space?  You can purchase additional storage at a rate of $0.074/GB/Year, or $75.78/TB/Year.  We also sell workgroup directories which allow multiple users to share a single Cloud Drive directory, enabling you to collaborate with colleagues within a lab or for the duration of a project.  We also support collaborators from other colleges or institutions, no WSU Network ID required.

To purchase space, or to receive help using your home directory, please contact